What is CERP?

The Centre for Economic Research in Pakistan, or CERP, is a leading independent nonpartisan policy institution focused on improving decision making in Pakistan through rigorous quantitative research, engaging with policy counterparts with real policy challenges and designing and advising on high impact reforms based on data. At CERP, we also deploy cutting edge pedagogy tailored for Pakistan and provide data insights to private sector on product and process design.

Our mission  is to improve decision-making in Pakistan through evidence-based research, teaching, analytics and data advisory services.

Our History

In 2008, a group of economists with a history of conducting rigorous, internationally recognised empirical research in Pakistan, came together to form CERP – an organisation focused specifically on generating new knowledge, disseminating it to improve public discourse, and partnering from the outset with policy actors to design better policy.


There is tremendous amount of evidence collected in Pakistan, but little emphasis is put on analysing it and bringing that evidence into decision-making which is often informed by anecdotes. CERP bring to the table an emphasis on generating evidence which feeds into government, non-governmental, and private sector, influencing the design of high-impact reform.

At CERP, we seek to bridge the gap between academic research and policy making. We convert data into returns, quip professionals with knowledge on markets and trends and we advise organisations on how to grow smarter.

Our expertise is in areas of research, survey, analytics and teaching.

CERP at a Glance

Launched in 2008 with its headquarter in Lahore, CERP has close to 150+ full staff members, 20+ active projects and 80+ research fellows.

    • Rollout phase of BAT ML project in which approx. 800 trained women in 53 villages in Bahawalpur and Bahawalpur are linked to markets (March).
    • CEO joins in (June).
    • Launched advisory services (August).


    • CERP receiving RISE grant.
    • Procurement project completed (March).
    • LEAPS: Educational 'mela' helds for government schools in Lahore (May).


    • Successful completion of transfers and postings project.
    • Tax Collection: Research findings published in The Quarterly Journal of Economics.
    • In Collaboration with Government of Punjab and DFID launched 5 year Skills Development Program (SDP) (August).


    • CERP wins RISE grant (December).
    • Additional projects added to CERP's portfolio; Customs, Sialkot Soccer Balls, Tax and Political Connections, Social Compact, Broadening Tax Base and Income Tax Evasion.


    • First match making policy dialogue on civil service reforms (June).
    • Tax Project: Transfers and Posting intervention started.
    • Additional projects added; Women's Mobility and Preferences.


    • More projects launched; Asset Transfers, Procurement Effeciency, Mobile Money (June).
    • CERP wins BCURE bid (September).
    • CERP signs an MOU with NSPP in collaboration with UNDP.


    • Additional projects added to CERP's portfolio; CLEAR, Education Financing, State Authority and Property Tax (May).
    • LEAPS: Research finding published in the Journal of Public Economics.
    • First summer internship program launched (June).


    • First employee hired.
    • Collaboration with CLEAR initiated (September).
    • Core staff hired (September).



We are working on numerous research projects in collaboration with the government of Pakistan, National School of Public Policy and several local and international organisations.